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Infertility treatments approved by the insurance funds in Basel

Some infertility treatments are approved by the health insurance funds, but some are not. All the treatments that are covered by the health insurance funds are listed below:

  • Correction of hormonal problems (thyroid: over/under-function, prolactin)
  • Low hormonal stimulation dosage of the ovaries with sexual intercourse taking place at the optimum time 
  • Intrauterine insemination: preparation of sperm to filter out those that are moving well and the insertion of these sperm in the uterus using a thin tube

Infertility treatments not approved for reimbursement by the insurance funds

The following infertility treatments are not covered by the the health insurance funds:

  • High-dose hormonal stimulation of the Fallopian tubes for IVF and ICSI
  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation): Fertilisation of recovered egg cells outside the female body by bringing the egg cells and sperm together
  • ICSI: Using a thin needle to bring a sperm to a recovered egg cell under a special microscope 
  • IMSI: ICSI after assessment under a special microscope, which is able to magnify the head of the sperm by a magnification factor of x6000 
  • TESE-ICSI: ICSI following surgical recovery of sperm from the testicle if there are few or no sperm in the ejaculate.
  • Thawing cycles (cryo-cycles): Insertion of embryos into the uterus following the thawing of previously frozen egg cells that have been fertilised by IVF or ICSI.
  • Natural Cycle IVF and ICSI: IVF or ICSI in line with the woman's natural menstrual cycle

New to Basel: Natural Cycle IVF

In Switzerland, only a few centres have specialised in IVF treatments attuned to the natural menstrual cycle of the woman (known as Natural Cycle IVF). We offer this more gentle method to women in the Basel Region if

  • they have a regular menstrual cycle
  • they have an injection phobia
  • they are concerned about medical stimulation of the ovaries
  • they are concerned about multiple births
  • they have already responded inadequately to a previous medical stimulation of the ovaries.

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