The causes of infertility

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At the first appointment, we spend an hour recording all the important information about you, your history and your own individual requirements. We aim to work with you to establish to what extent investigative and treatment measures should be undertaken in your particular case. In order that we can do this, you will be provided with full information about the various stages and treatment options in easy-to-understand language.


Before we start any treatment, we carry out a basic diagnostic investigation of the couple so that we can provide them with the best possible treatment  These investigations can usually be completed within one to two months. It is very important for investigations to be carried out on both the man and the woman; a cause for the unfulfilled longing for a child can be found with the woman in 40%, the man in 40% and both in 15% of all cases. In about 5% of cases, however, no cause can be found with either (this situation is called idiopathic infertility).

Investigations should be undertaken if

Pregnancy has not occurred after one year, in spite of regular intercourse
You, the woman, are over 35 years old
Your menstrual cycles are irregular, or they occur at varying time intervals
Your menstrual cycles are shorter than 24 days or longer than 35 days
You have suffered inflammation in a Fallopian tube or an ectopic pregnancy
You have had surgery on the uterus, ovaries or Fallopian tubes
You have a known disease of the ovaries (endometriosis or PCO syndrome)
The man had an undescended testicle in childhood or had surgery for this condition
There is a previous history of inflammation of the testes and mumps
The man is known to have had surgery or injuries to the testes
You have suffered repeated miscarriages.


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